A Voice for Every Vehicle, and a Report to Remedy Any Fleet Issue

Real time fleet and vehicle tracking is valuable, but in reality it’s the most fundamental aspect of any GPS-powered fleet tracking system. More powerful features like real time alerts and historical reports are where many customers generate the greatest amount of value from their fleet intelligence system.

Which drivers are routinely late to work?

What routes are missing key stops or destinations?

Which drivers idle excessively?

And are there any vehicles that spend a bit too much time at their favorite lunch spot?

If these are the sort of questions you might ask as a fleet manager, the Synovia reports will deliver actionable insights to help you drive improved behaviors that improve safety and save money. This brief video will walk you through click-by-click how easy it can be to run reports that deliver the information your fleet needs to improve your operations.

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One of our municipal customers knew their employees had a favorite gas station that doubled as a lunchtime gathering spot. The chicken biscuits were delicious and affordable.

Most employees took their typical and policy-approved 30-minute lunch break. But after setting up geofenced reporting, which show when vehicles enter and exit a designated area that includes total time in location, the fleet identified a handful of employees who arrived early and stayed late a bit too regularly. Short conversations followed.

And the next round of reporting showed every fleet vehicle spending the appropriate amount of time enjoying their chicken biscuits and camaraderie.


Another customer based in New York City was trying to improve the way it manages costly toll both usage. It was a tough nut to crack prior to their Synovia integration as drivers were allowed to use toll booths between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. but not between 9:01 and 2 p.m. There was a similar pattern of permitted and prohibited time usage in the afternoon.

Why the strict time limits?

This customer is a student transportation contractor which permits toll booth usage to save time to ensure students get to school and home on time, but asks their drivers to avoid the toll booths when students are not on the bus. Seems easy, right?

Before the integration of the reports, the customer had a dedicated employee pore through the billing statements from the toll both line by line to track which bus used the toll booth during prohibited time periods. Since tolls are so expensive around New York City, the customer was willing to invest an employee’s time in policing this practice, but you can imagine how tedious a task this was.

Once the customer integrated their Synovia software solution and collaborated with their Customer Success Manager, they were able to create incredibly specific reports that identified which vehicles entered the geofenced area around the toll booths during the violating times.

That’s the sort of powerful fleet intelligence that drives a powerful return on investment with undeniable bottom line results.


While reports can help you dig deep into trends and turn GPS Fleet Tracking into your cost-cutting ally, alerts are the immediate information that can be the difference between an on-time delivery and a frustrated customer.

Our fleet intelligence system pulls data directly from your vehicle’s diagnostic port to give you visibility into your vehicles and equipment. Vehicle Fault Code Alerts and Preventative Maintenance Alerts helps you address issues as they happen.

Our software gives your vehicles a voice, and even the ability to text for help. Because you never know when a check engine light can turn a routine day into a department headache.


What do the examples above have in common?

They are all a result of a Synovia customer collaborating with their Customer Success Manger to ensure they understand how to leverage all the benefits of their GPS fleet intelligence system. Some customers simply want to have the real time tracking and historical vehicle location to more intelligently answer citizen complaints or make smarter dispatching decisions.

But many fleets need to solve higher level problems like knowing exactly which employees are taking advantage of their lunch hour or which drivers are using toll booths to save time while costing their organization money.

While the software is intuitive and built for a user to navigate simply, Synovia has invested in the Customer Success Manager program to ensure fleet managers have that extra set of eyes and experience to manage the system to its fullest potential.

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Used to drop into every selling SaaS video post to better track their conversion rate.