Esri integration delivers bi-directional mapping and awareness


The world leader in mapping and geospatial solutions and Synovia collaborate to deliver unrivaled Fleet Intelligence data

We know our customers rely on Esri mapping to perform essential city services and that your fleet operations rely on having powerful digital tools available from your desktop or mobile device.

Our bi-directional integration allows customers to use either software as their primary mapping tool and to layer the other solution on top.

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From spatial analysis and visualization to imagery and remote sensors, ArcGIS and Synovia deliver a powerful combination of intelligence and awareness.

That means you can access the real-time GIS to deliver location monitoring of any asset or device, improving response times, enhancing safety and improving situational awareness across all assets and activities.

When coupled with our open API protocols, it’s another powerful way Synovia is delivering a best-in-class Fleet Intelligence solution.


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