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Build a smarter, more connected world with GPS technology.

Fleet INtelligence power by GPS and Intuitive Software

Global Positioning System technology has dramatically changed our world for the better. From the location-based features of our smartphones to the military’s use of GPS to create smart weapons and myriad examples in between, the technology has delivered a more connected and smarter world.

As the technology becomes less expensive and the software tied to it more accessible, the proliferation of fleet tracking technology has accelerated. The industry is growing rapidly worldwide as fleet manager realize the opportunity to save money, improve safety and enhance service by leveraging the benefits of GPS-enabled fleet tracking technology.

Nearly Two Decades of Experience

At Synovia Solutions, we’ve been helping our clients take advantage of GPS technology for nearly two decades. We’ve built powerful software that connects with a host of other popular fleet management tools to deliver a powerful return on investment.

From the largest school districts in America to rural municipalities and scores of private companies, Synovia has built a nationwide business by helping fleet managers with our rugged hardware, intuitive software and unwavering commitment to customer service excellence.


While these are the most common metrics our customers track, we regularly build custom alerts and reports that help customers monitor the factors most critical to their fleet. When fully leveraged, GPS-powered fleet tracking can provide a significant return on investment.

Synovia’s experience of working with cities, counties, universities, school districts and diverse array of private companies ensures we have the know-how to deliver for your fleet.

  • Excessive Idling
  • Speeding
  • Asset Utilization
  • Pre and Post Trip Reports
  • Railroad Crossing Compliance
  • On-Time Performance
  • Missed Stops
  • Early/Late Stops
  • Remote Vehicle Fault Codes
  • Fuel Card Abuse Prevention
  • Theft Detection and Tracking

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You can make your fleet smarter soon with our RISK-FREE, NO UPFRONT COST model that allows you to pay as you go per vehicle, per month. Many of our customers start with only a handful of vehicles as they test drive the solution and experience the results.

As they become more familiar with the technology, customers go online to order more GPS tracking units and work with our team of installers to get their vehicles online. Our pay-as-you-go model provides a flexible path that allows you to ramp up to a comprehensive fleet tracking solution without the high cost often associated with onboarding new technology.

And all of our equipment is backed by a 100 percent warranty for the life of your contract. If it ever fails, we replace it free. It’s as simple as that.

Unlimited Training, Unlimited Flexibility

We’ve developed our software to be intuitive and approachable, and we regularly hear from customers that they are able to navigate the web site to meet their needs long after they’ve completed their initial onboarding.

But only a few of our customers leverage all of the capabilities we’ve developed to help fleet managers optimize their fleet operations. Some fleet managers don’t realize how simple it can be to set up automated reporting. Our technology roadmap also includes the introduction of new features that promise to deliver even greater fleet insights.

That’s why we offer FREE, UNLIMITED training when you need it here on our website.
We know even the most advanced users can forget some of the features introduced during their initial onboarding. And you have new team members who need to get up to speed when it works best for them. Or you may have missed our initial training to introduce a new feature.

Whatever your situation, we have training that can make your team smarter and your fleet perform better. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to log on and get smarter about our award-winning fleet optimization software.

Our Commitment to Customer Service Excellence

We know that software is only as powerful as the people who stand behind it. And that every fleet will have unique needs and challenges.

That’s why we’ve developed our Fleet Advisor system in which every Synovia customer has a dedicated customer support representative who will stay with their account through the life of their contract.

Your Fleet Advisor will work with you and your team to ensure you get the highest return on investment from the software and are staying up to date as we upgrade our features.

We realize your time is valuable and it’s frustrating to have to work with a different customer service representative every time you reach out. That’s why our Fleet Advisor will stay well connected to you and your fleet to deliver personalized customer service that’s focused on your fleet.

We hope you will come to rely on them the same way you do your personal physician or your organization’s legal counsel. They know your history, your goals and can help guide you and your fleet to a stronger future state.

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