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Build a smarter, more connected world with GPS technology.

Fleet Intelligence power by GPS and Intuitive Software

A Florida public works fleet which uses our solution to strategically pre-position and respond to hurricanes. 

A Pennsylvania fleet which uses our solution to increase resale value by ensuring no fleet vehicle goes to auction with more than 75,000 miles.  

And an Indiana school district fleet which uses the Student Ridership feature to capture their full share of Medicaid special education reimbursements by eliminating human errors and streamlining a previously cumbersome process. 

We see these sorts of success stories every day at Synovia Solution, customers using our software and solutions in creative and resourceful ways to solve problems big and small, sudden and recurring, that impact their fleet, their team, and their community. 

We call it Fleet Intelligence. And it’s far more than real-time GPS-powered fleet tracking.

Synovia is not the largest fleet intelligence provider. We are not the flashiest nor the least expensive. What we are is committed to the success of our customers.

We’re part of the CalAmp family of companies, a powerful collaboration between a GPS device maker and our software acumen with decades of customer success stories. 

Our rugged, reliable hardware is respected as some of the most innovative edge computing devices in the telematics industry. That translates to computing power where and when you need it, in your vehicle and closer the to issues your fleet faces every day.

A commitment to innovation led us to deploy groundbreaking technologies before the competition. From our Time and Attendance module that seamlessly connects vehicles and drivers to their payroll system to the award-winning school bus tracking app, Here Comes The Bus, and the COVID-19 focused Bus Guardian, Synovia harnesses our innovation prowess to deliver on its core focus: safety, service, and savings.

Nearly Two Decades of Experience

At Synovia Solutions, we’ve been helping our clients take advantage of GPS technology for nearly two decades. We’ve built powerful software that connects with a host of other popular fleet management tools to deliver a powerful return on investment.

From the largest school districts in America to rural municipalities and scores of private companies, Synovia has built a nationwide business by helping fleet managers with our rugged hardware, intuitive software and unwavering commitment to customer service excellence.

Safer, smarter, more efficient fleets 

Synovia was founded in 2001 when GPS technology was still in its infancy and nearly every person didn’t carry a powerful mapping tool aboard the supercomputer in their pocket. We began with the simple ability to track a vehicle in real-time to help fleets leverage this newfound capability to improve their visibility and operations. 

Over time, the CalAmp GPS device evolved from a simple location management unit into a more robust and sophisticated edge computing enabler. It allowed Synovia to develop a far more powerful and actionable set of solutions which sharpened our focus around three key deliverables: making fleets safer, smarter, and more efficient. 

Speeding and harsh braking alerts, as well as stop-arm violator tracking technology, deliver on our commitment to safety. 

Routing integration that allows fleets to compare planned versus actual runs and a real-time fleetwide dashboard tracking key performance indicators provides a smarter fleet. 

While idling alerts, routing optimizations, and ignition reports deliver efficiency gains. 

With more than 1,000 fleet customers, including some of the largest school bus and municipal fleets in the country as well as scores of smaller, more highly focused fleets, Synovia has earned a reputation for deploying innovative solutions that improve the way our customers do business. 

The technology will continue to evolve and provide even more groundbreaking opportunities to infuse greater connectivity and intelligence into vehicles, fleets and operations. But our commitment to customer service will remain rooted in the same straightforward approach that has served us well throughout our 20 years of innovation and expansion.  


How do you know if you have underutilized vehicles in your fleet? Or others that are being run too hard? How do you know which drivers consistently speed? Or are regularly late to a work site? And how do you know if you’re running the most efficient routes, or sending the closest vehicle to the site?

We start with tough questions that fleet professionals ask every day and build solutions to answer their needs. Out of these questions arrive our diverse slate of solutions that help fleets remotely monitor engine health, intelligently rotate vehicle usage for even distribution of mileage and automate reporting that keeps them connected to the big picture. 

Some of the most popular alerts and reports our fleet customers track include:

  • Excessive Idling
  • Speeding
  • Asset Utilization
  • Pre and Post Trip Reports
  • Railroad Crossing Compliance
  • On-Time Performance
  • Missed Stops
  • Harsh braking or turns 
  • Early/Late Stops
  • Geofence alerts 
  • Remote Vehicle Fault Codes
  • Fuel Card Abuse Prevention
  • Theft Detection

While these are some of the most popular, they are not even close to the full suite of features fleet customers can tap into with Synovia.  Managers and technicians collaborate closely with their Synovia Customer Success Manager to tailor their software to fit their specific needs. 

Our 20 years of experience informs our customer approach, knowing a school bus fleet traveling through the mayhem of New York City traffic will have far different needs than health department vehicles trekking across a sprawling Native American reservation. 

Just like so many of your other online experiences, the Synovia platform is personalized over time to deliver exactly the alerts, reports, dashboards and processes that help your team improve safety and enhance operations.

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You can make your fleet smarter soon with our RISK-FREE, NO UPFRONT COST model that allows you to pay as you go per vehicle, per month. Many of our customers start with only a handful of vehicles as they test drive the solution and experience the results.

As they become more familiar with the technology, customers go online to order more GPS tracking units and work with our team of installers to get their vehicles online. Our pay-as-you-go model provides a flexible path that allows you to ramp up to a comprehensive fleet tracking solution without the high cost often associated with onboarding new technology.

And all of our equipment is backed by a 100 percent warranty for the life of your contract. If it ever fails, we replace it free. It’s as simple as that.

The Synovia Strategy

Our experience also led us to deliver a purchasing strategy coveted by the customer. 

No upfront costs. 100 percent warranty on all hardware through the life of the contract. Easy replacement parts and accessories ordering online. Two percent spares on hand at all times. 

Unlimited licenses and training. And a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will stay with your fleet through the life of your contract ensuring continuity of care. 

Our model makes it easy for any fleet of any size and description to easily and affordably outfit their fleet with the hardware and software to begin their journey toward a safer, smarter, and more efficient fleet. 

Some customers start with a handful of vehicles and grow into greater coverage and capability as they become more familiar with the myriad ways the solution can return on its investment while others are replacing an existing GPS tracking provider and outfit thousands of vehicles in short order to take advantage of our bespoke solutions. 

No matter the configuration, timeline, or approach, each Synovia customer leverages a unique solution tailored to their demands and supported by a focused team of dedicated Customer Success Managers. 

And to a firm belief that our products are making the world a better place by increasing road safety and consuming less energy. 

It’s an exciting prospect that keeps our team motivated to keep serving, innovating, and improving. 

Unlimited Training, Unlimited Flexibility

We’ve developed our software to be intuitive and approachable, and we regularly hear from customers that they are able to navigate the web site to meet their needs long after they’ve completed their initial onboarding.

But only a few of our customers leverage all of the capabilities we’ve developed to help fleet managers optimize their fleet operations. Some fleet managers don’t realize how simple it can be to set up automated reporting. Our technology roadmap also includes the introduction of new features that promise to deliver even greater fleet insights.

That’s why we offer FREE, UNLIMITED training when you need it here on our website.

We know even the most advanced users can forget some of the features introduced during their initial onboarding.

And you have new team members who need to get up to speed when it works best for them. Or you may have missed our initial training to introduce a new feature.

Whatever your situation, we have training that can make your team smarter and your fleet perform better. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to log on and get smarter about our award-winning fleet optimization software.

Our Commitment to Customer Service Excellence

We know that software is only as powerful as the people who stand behind it. And that every fleet will have unique needs and challenges.

 We recognize that timely support is essential to your fleet’s success and have invested in a dedicated team of fleet professionals who are experts in our hardware and software.

If you need their support now, just CLICK HERE to visit our support page and start your process.


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