Kayla Sullivan – LAFAYETTE, Ind (WLFI) – The days of “I missed the bus” are over for half of the kids in the Tippecanoe School Corp.

That’s about how many of the district’s bus riders have downloaded the Here Comes The Bus application.

Before downloading the app, Cindy Maynard and her three kids would stress about whether they missed the bus.

“At that point, you end up having to call the school to see. Did we truly miss the bus? Or is it running behind?” Maynard said.

Sometimes her kids would miss the bus. To avoid it in the future, Maynard would send her kids out earlier than necessary. This made her feel guilty in the wintertime.

“The kids would stand out there freezing,” Maynard said. “And as a parent, you would worry about whether you sent them out too early and then, if you bring them back in, then it’s going to be them missing the bus.”


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