Meet Amy Gordon

Fleet Advisor


What’s your highest level of education?

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University.


What fleet experience did you have before joining Synovia?

This is my first role serving the large scale fleet community directly. I have prior experience in automotive inspection and containment customer account management as well as back office financial operations for design/build firm operating both white fleet vehicles and heavy equipment.


What aspect of your job do you most enjoy?

Getting to know our customers and their businesses. Learning about their practices and their individual needs and thinking of how we can use our solution to help them become more efficient, or help them use their data to gain visibility into their fleet operations to gauge success/viability. Essentially, I like to help them use our system to look at their data to help them PROVE or IMPROVE.


What specific customer problem have you helped solve?

We have a police department who used our solution to identify which driver’s displayed unsafe driving behavior. They used this information to target their training efforts and wanted to see how much improvement they saw in safe driving behavior as a whole over time. I helped them customize a trend over time chart to show that their unsafe driving behaviors had fallen off significantly since the implementation of our system and their retraining efforts. They mentioned this would help them secure the budget to continue their safety program moving forward.

Why do your customers enjoy working with you?

Because I care about them seeing the value of their purchase. I will listen to what they need and will work to help them get our solution working in a valuable way for them.

What makes Synovia different?

Synovia listens to their customers, and new products are developed or existing products are adapted based on customer feedback. Additionally, training, support, and integrations are all included making the investment in our system transparent.

Why would you recommend Synovia to a transportation/fleet manager?

Safety and savings.


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