Meet jonathan ForRester

Fleet Advisor, Western Region  

Get to know the people behind your customer support: 

What fleet experience did you have before joining Synovia?

I used to work for student transportation (Public Schools) for 6 years and was a supervisor for one of those years with a Charter School District. I also worked with Synovia as a customer for 2 years with my last district that had Tablets, Here Comes The Bus and Student Tracking which made my job as a driver so much easier. In addition I started as a school bus driver at the age of 18 and was one of the youngest drivers in Arizona.

What aspect of your job do you most enjoy?

Making sure that all my customers are happy after they leave a call with me and working on issues that require intense problem-solving skills to find the right resolution that is unique and unconventional.

 What specific customer problem have you helped solve?

I have helped solve numerous issues with tablets with my adept knowledge of the software and hardware.

Why do your customers enjoy working with you?

My customers enjoy working with me because I am easy to talk to, genuine and understand their position from my experience as a customer of Synovia. I am a one-stop shop for all product issues from Hardware to Software as well as my student transportation knowledge for the K-12 industry which means that I’m not just another tech in a technology company Company. The personalization level that goes into each conversation is special, it is a true relationship that is formed with companies that makes working with me different than working with any other vendor.

What makes Synovia different?

The personalization aspect of Synovia is what makes us different, each customer has a designated Fleet Advisor who works with the them directly and is knowledgeable about the solution which makes them extremely valuable where customers don’t have to talk to several agents before getting an answer or waiting on hold for one. We are very flexible and listen to our customers which is what sets us apart from the rest. The transparency is where we really strive as customers know every step of their tickets.

Why would you recommend Synovia to a transportation/fleet manager?

I would recommend Synovia to a Transportation / Fleet Manager because we will honestly take care of our customers. Every issue, every struggle. Customers know that we are just one call / email away and will answer promptly and truthful. Everyone makes mistakes but what sets us apart is that we own up to ours and make it right.

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