Florida County saves $150,00 in fuel costs with

Synovia Fleet Intelligence 

Major metro county invests in fleet tracking solution to better serve its community

Location: Central Florida County

Fleet Size: 700 utility vehicles Year in Service: Five

Most Used Reporting Features: Vehicle Performance, Idling, fleet tracking, reports, mileage

Improvements by drivers: Less speeding, less aggressive acceleration, careful breaking

Hard savings: $150,000 a year in fuel cost reduction Translates to enough savings to invest in several new vehicles

Imagine saving enough money in fuel costs annually to buy a handful of new vehicles.

That’s some serious fuel savings.

And an undeniable return on investment for fleet tracking software.

That’s the result experienced by a Florida County Public Works department after they installed GPS-powered fleet intelligence solution from Synovia Solutions (Synovia).

Synovia, the Indiana-based company which has long held a leadership position in the school bus fleet tracking industry, is rapidly expanding to provide cities, counties, states and universities with the same customer-focused technology that can improve service, enhance safety and save taxpayer dollars.

The Florida County has installed global positioning system trackers on 227 utility vehicles that work across the department’s area of responsibilities, which include diverse tasks from beach management and mosquito control to street sweeping and traffic light maintenance.

“The department strives to be responsive to citizens and work with them to provide services such as mowing, urban forestry, mosquito control, traffic control, sidewalk, road, drainage, and bridge maintenance as well as develop and manage capital projects for the county while ensuring protection of our natural and built resources,” a County official said.

The county leverages the Synovia software across their fleet to manage several key performance indicators, including individual vehicle performance, tracking of fleet location, regular reporting to better understand performance, mileage and excessive idling.

All told, the software has significantly improved the county’s ability to manage its vehicles and employees.

The installation of the tracking solution has also prompted improved driver behavior. Officials say drivers are now more mindful of excessive accelerating and braking as well as speeding.

Most city employees are driving safely the majority of the time.

But there’s always the risk that some employees won’t make safety as high of a priority as it should be. In the past lacking a fleet management solution, managers had unsubstantiated information about their driver’s behaviors.

This technology reduces those unknowns and makes it easy to coach employees who need some extra attention and reward those who make safety central to their job.

“The positive experience for mangers across this Florida County reflects what so many of our customers witness after they’ve worked with us to improve the visibility of their fleet,” said Jon King, CEO, Synovia.

“Drivers aren’t out driving recklessly, but occasionally employees lose focus and exceed the speed limit. And they don’t really think about the high cost of wasted fuel due to speeding and idling when multiplied across the entire fleet.”

In fact, reducing the idling of a gas-guzzling, heavy-duty city vehicles can be one of the simplest ways to save taxpayer money without causing too much stress to the employees.

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When you have this real-time knowledge, the fleet managers are able to drive better decisions that ultimately lead to savings that can’t be ignored.

In this case, the Florida County has saved more approximately $150,000 in fuel costs.

When you compound those savings over the five years the county has been working with Synovia, the savings quickly add up to significant funds the county is able to reallocate toward other needs.

“We’re careful not to over commit that our solution will pay for itself as every fleet is unique and each return on investment will be dependent on how well our customers can leverage our information and foster real driver behavior change,” King said. “But we have little doubt that some of the cost of installing GPS-powered tracking and the information we provide in our reporting will translate into savings that defray the cost of the system.

When you add this opportunity to save money on fuel while improving driver behavior and delivering improved services to citizens, it’s easy to see why so many municipalities are investigating the opportunity to invest the way this Sunshine State municipality has in a smarter fleet tracking solution.”

Synovia’s primary differentiator in the market, however, is not superior technology.

It’s outstanding customer service.

“We recognize the technology is becoming more and more difficult to stand out, so we’re going to build our brand and our value around the service we provide our customers,” King said.

“From the account managers and the product installers, to the project managers and fleet advisor we have created a unique model in the market in which we ensure the customer always has a real person familiar with their unique community and vehicle needs.”

Fleet Advisors, in particular, are what separates Synovia from its competition.

Each customer has a dedicated resource inside the company with whom they interact with for the life of their contract.

That means never having to call a stranger who’s unfamiliar with your account’s history, status and needs.

“We all know the experience of reaching out for customer service and having to start from zero with a new person to explain our situation and what we need help with that day,” King said. “It’s frustrating and a massive waste of time for the customer. “Our Fleet Advisors will become an extension of your team and ensure your time is never wasted having to work with a customer service rep unfamiliar to your fleet, your team and your needs.”

Synovia is proud to be able to support some of the largest and most dynamic fleet customers in North America.

This Florida County accomplishes as much in a week as many fleets do in a year and is a powerful reminder of the how responsive government can help a community grow and prosper.

The county boasts an impressive list of accomplishments in 2017, including:

371 potholes repaired within 72 hours

63.15 miles of road lanes milled & resurfaced

10,696 lbs.* of pollutants removed through street sweeping

94.1 miles of ditches maintained for drainage & flood control

17,004 calls handled by Public Works customer service

1,200 dock permits reviewed & issued


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