Here Comes The Bus, Upgraded

Deliver real-time school bus tracking and alerts without routing software
plus activity tracking for field trips and sports

An IMPROVED Here Comes The Bus Starts Here and Now

School bus tracking without routing software to support meal and homework delivery as well as sports/field trips

Customer Focus. Innovation. And Resiliency. 

We are proud to announce the release of our next major product that is built upon those core values and can deliver for customers deploying their vehicles TODAY in unconventional ways. 

It’s an upgraded version of Here Comes The Bus that will offer many of the features and functionality the student transportation industry is clamoring for, more so now in light of the unprecedented way drivers are supporting their community.

Our enhanced Here Comes The Bus is designed to be flexible, intuitive and to serve previously under-served student transportation populations, especially districts without routing software.

We are currently accepting customers for pilot programs that would assist in their COVID-19 response efforts, specifically districts looking to:

  • Deliver real time alerts to parents for food distribution locations and arrival times
  • Communicate in real time with wider community about other essential deliveries


In a more conventional student transportation setting, the Here Comes The Bus+ upgrade is designed to assist in the following scenarios.

For School Districts without a route planning system:

  • Define stop locations, the essential aspect to providing the award-winning Here Comes The Bus parent notification app.

For school districts with a routing system:

  • For Special Needs students, define school to house drop-off/pickups unsupported by current routing software.
  • Provide real-time location to support field trips
  • Deliver real-time status for athletic trips
  • Provide delivery information for non-student transportation activities such as food deliveries from a central kitchen to individual schools

In sum, this new tool is limited only by your imagination in how your department strives to deliver real-time location alerts to your community.

Anyone interested in learning more about how easy it is to use this new solution can visit our online tutorial

Synovia conducted a webinar with Student Transportation News which demonstrates how the solution functions and answers questions from student transportation managers.


We’ve built our solutions for nearly two decades around you, our customers, listening to your needs and upgrading our software dozens of times a year to evolve with our industry.

We’ve led our industry in the past five years with Here Comes The Bus, Student Ridership and Time and Attendance modules. 

We draw inspiration from the example set by the steadfast drivers as they focus on service to their communities to create even greater resiliency in all we deliver, from our intuitive software and reliable hardware to our unwavering customer support and free, unlimited training.

Today, more than ever, we are working for and with you.

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The Synovia Commitment

  • High-performance GPS technology
  • Real-time data feeds live location tracking
  • Implementation management, support & training
  • Web-based software with interactive dashboards and customizable reports
  • Open platform for data integration with esri
  • No upfront costs: The Synsurance Difference
We’ve been serving the student transportation industry with software tailor made for K-12 fleets for nearly 20 years.

Since before the advent of the smartphone and the rise of social media, we’ve been applying digital tools to help school buses operate safer, smarter and more efficiently.

From a more efficient payroll tool to helping design smarter routes, we deploy rugged hardware and intuitive software that improves the way your fleet does business.