EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Synovia worked with one of its customers, a large Florida police department, to create a custom version of its software that will protect the home locations of officers, witnesses and informants from searches with its GPS-powered software.

The solution allows only select administrators to access the location of sensitive personnel information and provides Synovia a uniquely powerful tool to support law enforcement fleets.

Synovia can deploy this tool to any police department across North America in search a GPS-powered fleet intelligence solution trusted by one of our America’s most dynamic law enforcement agencies.

Our software can be applied to existing GPS hardware, allowing for simple, fast adoption.

How can technology developed by the Air Force and relied upon by millions of people every day to navigate our complex world help police department perform better?

And how can a technology popularized by rideshare brands to make your trip smoother help protect officers and their families?

If you’re a police department interested in improving dispatching and increasing officer accountability, a GPS-powered Fleet Intelligence solution powered by Synovia can provide a diverse slate of benefits far beyond conventional real-time vehicle location data.

Synovia recognizes the key to delighting public safety customers is tailoring our software to meet the exacting specifications of the law enforcement community.

By listening to our customers, we’ve invested in custom software with special features requested by one of the nation’s largest and most dynamic law enforcement agencies that will better protect officers, their families and the witnesses, sources and informants essential to effective police work.

“It’s a unique privilege to serve the law enforcement community and we viewed this business challenge as an opportunity to demonstrate our appreciation of the commitment officers show every day protecting our communities,” said Bill Westerman, Vice President, Product Management, CalAmp. “We worked for months with input from the customer to craft a solution that we were confident would keep their people safe while still providing the value associated with our core offerings.”

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Our Commitment to Law Enforcement  

Few institutions are as essential to our society as the police departments who keep our communities safe and serve citizens in need.

From the largest urban areas with complex law enforcement needs to small towns where police help maintain the tranquility, police departments play a vital role in ensuring Americans feel safe in their homes, businesses and communities.

GPS-enabled Fleet Intelligence software is one of the more sophisticated tools departments leverage to help deliver smarter services.

But sometimes even the smartest technology needs to be tweaked to fit a very specific requirement.

That was the case when one of Florida’s largest police departments sought to protect the home addresses of their officers as well as witnesses and informants.

The department was facing a situation in which the public could access potentially sensitive information via Freedom of Information Act requests from the department’s GPS-powered fleet tracking system.

The department asked Synovia to craft a bespoke version of the software that allowed users to create vehicle history reports which remove officer homes address from public view for all but only a few specially selected software administrators.

Since many officers take their vehicles home at night, and use their department-issued vehicles to visit the homes of witnesses or informants, a fully detailed vehicle history report could inadvertently release information to the public which jeopardizes the safety of officers and people assisting them.

CalAmp worked with the department to create “geofences” around certain addresses that made them not visible to history reports. These are the same GPS powered geofences that allow rideshare companies to alert you as your ride approaches your pick-up spot.

The result is a powerful tool that allows most software users to see where police vehicles are the majority of the time, aiding in faster dispatch times and officer accountability efforts.

Yet it still keeps certain geofenced areas protected from public view, whether it’s the home of an undercover officer or the witness slated to testify in a major trial.

“It’s rewarding for our team to dig into a problem like this and create solutions that delight our customers,” Westerman said. “And it’s gratifying to know our team crafted a unique software solution that’s keeping officers, their families and witnesses safe.”

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Synovia delivers powerful Fleet Intelligence solutions to law enforcement agencies nationwide, and is a trusted partner to ensure all data and information related to law enforcement activities is secure and confidential. Our nearly 20 years of working with public agencies is a proven track record of delivering intuitive solutions that help government agencies save money, improve safety and enhance services.

Our team of U.S.-based customer success managers delivers dedicated account representation for each fleet, ensuring continuity of care and maximum return on investment for fleet managers.