Imagine anyone at your district, your department or your individual school being able to quickly and simply view the real time location of any school bus regardless of their familiarity with your fleet intelligence software.

Synovia designed the School Monitor module for that very reason.

It’s a feature anyone with Synovia access many easily navigate that will provide them with a view much like an air traffic controller. They will be able to see which buses have already dropped off students and departed, which are at the school at that very moment and which are en route and how far away.

A priceless resource for several reasons:
  • Reduces call to transportation to find out where a bus is
  • Can show if a bus is stuck in traffic, behind a train or in bad weather
  • Easily accessed from any desktop computer with only a few minutes of training
  • Helps administrators better communicate with transportation about trends in certain buses being late
  • Aids administrators to know which students are late and which are simply on delayed buses

The video below shows how simple this feature can be used.

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Our history and commitment

Synovia Solutions was founded in 2001 when GPS-powered fleet tracking technology was in its infancy. We’ve been innovating for nearly 20 years with a strong focus on serving the K-12 transportation industry. Our software has modules built around the very specific needs of a K-12 transportation administrator, including the School Monitor module shown above.

We also have detailed reports that can show which buses are routinely late leaving the yard, which buses are late returning at the end of the day and how well they adhere to their estimated arrival time at stops throughout the day. This information empowers fleet leaders to know which drivers need coaching and which should be rewarded for their commitment to punctuality.

When you couple this information with the power to reduce idling, better monitor speeding incidents and deliver driver report cards, Synovia delivers a powerful suite of solutions that’s earned the trust of nearly 800 school districts nationwide and tracks approximately 100,000 on the average school day.

Additional modules can provide:

  • Student Ridership: Instant alerts for parents as student board and depart buses as well as route ridership info that helps districts flex their routes throughout the year
  • Here Comes The Bus parent app: families can track the bus in real time to better manage their schedules, reducing significantly calls to the transportation department
  • Time and Attendance: Drivers can clock in and out from their cab-mounted tablet OR their mobile phone, allowing for more precise timekeeping and less paperwork administration
  • Trip Inspection: Help districts further diminish their paperwork by digitizing the mandated vehicle inspections before and after each trip.
  • Engine Diagnostics: Remotely diagnosis fault codes to know which buses need immediate attention and which codes can wait for scheduled maintenance.
Dedicated and focused customer support

Some of the largest, most dynamic school districts in North America rely on Synovia Solutions and Here Comes The Bus to better serve their communities. And our average customer has been with us for more than eight years, well past their initial contract thanks to our commitment to innovation as well as our unwavering customer support.

Every fleet has a dedicated Customer Success Manager who remains with the customer for the life of their contract, ensuring continuity of care and responses that are tailored to your fleet’s specific needs. We serve fleets in New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta as well as many rural districts and appreciate each fleet has its unique requirements and challenges.

We look forward to working with you and your team to help you improve safety, save money and enhance the way you serve your community.

Learn More about our Intuitive Software

Used to drop into every selling SaaS video post to better track their conversion rate.