Simple Hardware Health Keeps Your Fleet Connected

Synovia’s GPS fleet tracking system is used by approximately 1,000 fleet customers and thousands of individual users via its intuitive software interface available through our desktop or app. It helps fleets improve the way they do business by delivering real-time data and powerful intelligence via the reporting engine.

But the system is far more than software, and relies on hardware to collect information from vehicles operating on the roads. All of the hardware installed in Synovia’s customers is designed and assembled by our parent company, CalAmp. You can learn more about the diverse array of Location Management Units (LMU) HERE.

Because of the normal wear and tear a vehicle endures on the road, LMUs sometimes come loose from the wiring that connects them to the vehicles power, computer control system or its antenna. While the units are rugged and built to withstand the challenges of the roadway, they rarely will suffer internal damage that requires a repair conducted by our specialists.


Fortunately, Synovia makes is easy to check your hardware health from the software so you can be sure to keep your fleet well connected.

The following video was produced to help fleets return to duty following the shutdowns prompted by the COVID-19 shelter-in-place and can be used a helpful reminder to our customers about the value of regularly running reports on your fleet’s hardware health.

Part of the Synovia commitment to all of our customers is to keep two percent of their fleet’s GPS tracking unit needs on hand in their facility.

That means a fleet with 100 vehicles will always have two extra units on hand in the event a GPS-powered tracking unit is unable to perform for any of the reason listed above. This program is designed to ensure continuity of service for every vehicle in your fleet.

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The Synovia GPS fleet intelligence system has evolved and improved significantly since we launched our first software in 2001 when GPS technology was still in its infancy.

Today the proliferation of smart phones and tablets has led to nearly every driver on the road having access to powerful turn-by-turn instructions and the ability to share their exact location with friends. When coupled with its ability to save safe drivers money on their insurance, the GPS fleet tracking, also known as telematics, has help countless drivers enjoy a more satisfying experience on the road and in their savings accont.

But most casual drivers aren’t aware of all the ways GPS fleet tracking can improve their


Today the telematics industry is growing at double-digit annual rate and fleets large and small are leveraging this simple software solution to save money, improve safety and enhance operations.

While many of the software interfaces may appear similar at first glance, the difference between a strong return on investment and simply having a GPS fleet tracking system as an insurance-type program is found in the customer service.

Synovia and our parent company, CalAmp, have invested in a Customer Success Management team who’s job is to solely respond to a fleet’s problems but to listen to their needs and help develop reporting tools that will improve the way they do business.

For some fleets that translates to reports around idling or other behaviors that can reduce fuel spend and impact the bottom line. For other fleets it’s about monitoring driver behaviors like on time arrivals and departures that are associated with students arriving to school on time. While we’ve worked with law enforcement fleets to develop bespoke software solutions that protect officers as well as witnesses and confidential informants.

Our team of software engineers love the challenge of creating new solutions to help customers operate smarter. But the real work begins with our Customer Success Managers who listen intently to our customers’ needs and collaborate with our product development team to innovate with a focus on solving real-world fleet problems.


One of the more powerful features of the Synovia software is our Time and Attendance module that helps fleets reduce paperwork, store employee hours securely in the cloud and ensure employees are compensated more accurately for time spent behind the wheel.

Hundreds of Synovia customers leverage this functionality and we help process more than 30,000 individual paychecks every month. This brief video is an introduction on how Synovia fleet customers rely on our intuitive software to improve the way they do business.