Synovia invests in new Maintenance modules and Reporting

Synovia is pleased to announce it has migrated its popular Maintenance module to the Synovia fleet intelligence software.

The newly integrated Maintenance module enables users to set up schedules for vehicle maintenance, view the history of services performed on their vehicles, and log the costs of services. The module has long been a well-used feature of the Silverlining software and will now be available to users who’ve migrated to the Synovia site, in which it will be called “Service Manager.”

“We’re always listening to our customers, and they’ve made it clear that improved Maintenance management is an essential function for their fleets,” said Jon King, Senior Vice President, Operations, Synovia. “This upgrade is another powerful tool designed for fleet managers to derive the greatest return on investment from their Synovia fleet intelligence solution.”

Synovia has also upgraded the reporting engine on its platform, adding reporting features such as engine health monitoring to include event alerts and counts. The enhanced reporting also includes idling information, vehicle performance, fault codes, fuel economy, and speeding summary.

“We know how essential reporting can be to help fleet managers better understand their vehicles as well as their employees. Our goal is to evolve and improve our software to make the reporting as seamless and intuitive as possible for the greatest number of users,” King said. “We find that users who interact regularly with the reporting features report higher satisfaction with the software and see the greatest savings in terms of fuel consumption reduction and desired employee behavior.”

Some of the additional recent software upgrades include the following:

  • Added a new exception to the Time and Attendance module, dubbed “Contract Deficiency,” and a new Schedule Exceptions screen (on the Time Cards menu), which will allow customers using the Contract Hours by Schedule by Day export to quickly check if employees worked fewer hours than their contract requires.
  • Time and Attendance Portal absence request emails now will go to the person assigned as the approver.
  • Synovia Software added the ability to rename a scheduled report, either by editing the value directly in the Scheduled Reports grid or by making the change in the Edit Schedule window.

These software enhancements are only a handful of the latest updates and improvements we’ve made to our solutions. We urge you to contact us with your ideas and suggestions on how we can further enhance the software to better serve your fleet.

We look forward to hearing from fleet managers and using their feedback to improve our fleet intelligence solution.