Time and Attendance: Learn How to Save Money and Improve Employee Accountability

Time and Attendance: Improving Human Resources Efficiency via smarter fleet management and GPS tracking technology

Synovia’s Time and Attendance module works with all the major human resources payroll applications to help fleets improve they way they do business. It’s another value added feature beyond simple vehicle track and trace that make improves the return on investment for a GPS-powered fleet tracking system.

Major benefits:

  • Reduce Paperwork & Improve Driver Accountability
  • Log in to work from vehicle or smart device
  • All information stored in Synovia’s secure cloud server
  • Trusted, proven and reliable: Connected to all major HR payroll services

Fleet Intelligence powered by GPS tracking technology is one of the most powerful and popular technologies fleets are leveraging to improve the way they do business.

From basic features like real-time knowledge of vehicles whereabouts and tracking weather and traffic to drive greater efficiencies, to automating powerful reports that cut down on speeding, idling and harsh braking, Synovia’s fleet intelligence solution is helping some of the largest and most dynamic fleets in North America save money, improve safety and enhance services.

But our solution has always been focused on the people, the teams, the administrators behind the fleets. How do we help them work smarter? That’s the question we continually ask ourselves as we innovate our product.

TIME & ATTENDANCE: Less Paperwork, Greater Efficiency

One of the most innovative and widely adopted feature Synovia has launched to serve the people who make the fleets go is our Time and Attendance tool, which delivers just what it says: a remote, mobile and flexible timekeeping system that helps fleets and their drivers reduce paperwork, improve timekeeping accuracy and streamline the entire payroll process.

Initially, this feature was adopted by school bus fleets, allowing drivers to log in and out of work from their cab-mounted tablet device, where they also completed their Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection.

With our open API (publicly available application programming interface) that connects seamlessly to nearly every major Human Resources payroll tool, this powerful yet simple feature allowed fleets to remove all of the antiquated paperwork drivers were completing or their daily shuffle from the punch-clock to their vehicle.

This brief video shows how the feature works in our software:

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 SMART DEVICE CONNECTION: Log in from anywhere, and just the right place, too

For years, drivers and fleets leveraged this tool exclusively from our cab-mounted tablet device, and we kept hearing that customers wanted even greater flexibility, especially as more fleets outside of student transportation adopted this functionality. Today, one of the largest snow plow fleets in the United States, comprised of both state-owned vehicles and independently owned contractors, are using this feature to improve the way they do business.

It’s really simple:

Snow plows are often pre-positioned around a community, a county or, in this case, an entire state to respond intelligently when the white stuff starts falling. As many of us know, snowfall can be unpredictable with one side of a valley being buried knee-deep while a community over the mountain only gets a dusting.

So it’s much smarter to have the trucks spread out to keep the roads safe across a wide geography instead of drivers having to commute to a central location, sometimes themselves traversing dark, icy roads to arrive at their truck. This situation is ideal for remote driver log in and log out.

But how do you keep drivers from logging in from an unapproved location?

And how do you ensure they’re logging in within a few minutes of actually starting their shift?

While the vast majority of public employees and private contractors don’t take advantage of their remote work status, it only takes a few outliers to exploit the system and waste scarce public resources. Our smart device solution can tie together the GPS location of the phone and the vehicle as well as truck ignition start and work time to keep all employee’s honest.

Synovia appreciates there will always be concerns about employee privacy and paternalism, but we also appreciate budgets are tight and technology should be smart enough to allow drivers to log in from virtually anywhere while also ensuring its the right location.

CUSTOMER SUCCESS MANAGER: How your fleet gets smarter with a dedicated fleet representative

Software is a living organism, always evolving and improving to serve the changing needs of its customers.

Synovia has invested significantly over the past two decades to upgrade its features in response to customer requirements. We regularly publish software release notes detailing these changes, but recognize not every customer can stay abreast of every upgrade.

That’s why we have a team of dedicated Customer Success Managers who are committed to collaborating closely with fleet managers, dispatchers, mechanics and drivers to ensure we have a holistic picture of the fleet’s needs and how our GPS fleet tracking software solution can best serve them.

When a customer engages regularly with their Customer Success Manager, they stay up to date on software changes and can ensure the highest return on investment for their fleet tracking system. When coupled with our free, unlimited training via our online modules, we strive to offer customers the tools and human support necessary to optimize fleet operations.