We’ve all heard that only death and taxes are inevitable, but we’d like to add unpredictable weather and traffic to that list.

And if you’re running a dynamic fleet focused on safety and on-time arrival, both traffic and weather can play a significant role in disrupting operations let alone possible causing an accident. Since safety is at the heart of what our customers focus on, we’ve built a simple layered functionality that allows Synovia users to quickly and easily see how and where traffic and weather are impacting road conditions.

Many Synovia customers project their fleet tracking onto a large wall during heavy drive times and can easily toggle into weather view to see where a sudden storm is impacting drivers. Dispatchers can communicate this information in real time.

In big cities or large rural districts, it’s common for storm to impact one part of town while the other operates under clear skies and dry roads.

Foul Weather = Congested Roads

And where there is foul weather, accidents and congestion can follow. By keeping the traffic view on during peak fleet operation hours, fleet managers and dispatchers can see in near real time when a sudden accident turns a road from clear and safe to a congested mess. This can lead to late arrival/departure times, but with the Synovia software it won’t lead to officials asking why and where.

Dispatchers can communicate to drivers about the risk ahead, reroute if possible and then alert others impacted by the delay. With updates fed from the GPS-powered location management units every 30 seconds, fleet officials will just as quickly see when the incident is cleared from the road and traffic resumes to normal speeds.

When combined with the Here Comes The Bus app for K-12 customers, fleet officials are able to send simple message direct to families communicating the delay and cause, easing concerns as students wait in the same nasty weather for their bus.

While popular mapping software on our smart phones help us navigate from place to place efficiently, and mobile apps bring real time weather forecasting, the Synovia tools merges this capabilities and displays them across a fleet area of operations to helps fleets make smarter decisions.

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Customer Success Manager

The average Synovia customer has been with us for eight years, well beyond their initial contract term. We believe it’s largely due to our investment in Customer Success Managers who are committed to ensuring fleets receive personalized care and a high return on investment for their fleet intelligence system.

While basic features like weather and traffic have been essential for more than a decade and will remain prominent in the user experience, we invest millions of dollars each year to further innovate and provide greater feature and functionality. From a feature to track stop arm violators to upgrading Here Comes The Bus to alert parents about sports and activities, the Synovia team is always looking for ways to provide our customers greater value.

Where High Tech Meets High Touch

And customers can rely on their dedicated Customer Success Manager to help guide them through the basics to the most advanced features.

All of our Customer Success Managers are based in the United States and on average four years of experience serving fleets. Your fleet will benefit from the experiences they’ve acquired serving other customers facing similar challenges.

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Used to drop into every selling SaaS video post to better track their conversion rate.