The Synovia Public Sector Focus: Moving the Smart City Forward

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Performance optimization 

See where your vehicles are. Know where your leaky water main is. Forecast when a lineman arrives at exactly the right downed power pole. Before it’s on to the next.

See, know, forecast and get more done across your operations in a platform that blends fleet tracking with discreet Esri ArcGIS insight.

When seconds count. When accuracy is essential. And when data can improve operations and even save lives. From public works and safety, to codes and public transport.

Smarter cities run on Synovia and Esri ArcGIS.

Smarter Fleet management

Why try to operate without complete insight into your vehicles and the complex landscape they have to navigate every day.

Invest in the software and integrations to make your operations safer, smarter and connected to all of your department’s essential functions. 

Integrations between police, public works, codes enforcement and other departments and between industry-leading solutions providers like Synovia and Esri ArcGIS position you to be at exactly the right place, at the right time with the right tools to get the job done. 

Compliance adherence 

Keep your public works fleet compliant with maintenance standards, policies and procedures.  

Streamline processes and reduce paperwork with tablet technology and ensure your fleet has the data for audits and reimbursements. 

Leverage the technology trusted by some of the nation’s largest and most dynamic public sector fleets, from law enforcement and codes to public works and mosquito abatement.

Material management 

Avoid overusing materials with powerful input monitors 

Manage the application of salt, brine and other materials to control costs. 

Synovia input monitors help you comply with state and federal guidelines around salt spreading, pest control and street sweeping with accuracy and easy auditing. 

Because GPS-powered fleet intelligence is far more than real-time vehicle tracking. It’s actionable data to drive smarter operations. 

Mobile App Excellence & More

Leverage added flexibility and integrations to increase fleet intelligence with our open APIs. 

Extend the Synovia platform further with third-party assets.   

Integrate add-ons like cameras, light bars, sirens and more. 

And stay connected with the Synovia mobile app that delivers your fleet intel wherever you are connected.

The Synovia app also allows drivers to clock in from anywhere, removing the need to gather in a central garage or office, and to conduct trip inspections via their smart device.

Features to support a distributed workforce in a mobile economy.  

Mapping and spatial excellence 

Use Esri bi-directional mapping to know which roads have been serviced using interactive maps and geospatial reporting.  

Track live service compliance to keep the public informed with powerful Cityworks integrations. 

And build public-facing websites/apps to share essential safety information with your connected community.

Synovia provides essential features to build and maintain a digital smart city environment. 

The government fleet management solution 

The Synovia Public Works solution helps governmentmanage a diverse range of vehicles such as salt spreaders, snowplows, street sweepers, and waste management vehicles.  

It helps ensure all infrastructure is serviced while controlling costs, tracking material usage and more. 

From quaint New England hamlets removing snow by the foot to sun-kissed Florida counties building sandbag barriers, Synovia collaborates with scores of public fleets to improve their operations. 

Government industries Winter Operations 

A safer community is a year-round responsibility and includes a connected fleet. 

Stay ahead of the elements. Smartly manage and secure real-time reporting on salt distribution. 

 Optimize your winter fleet operations today. 

Waste Management & Codes Enforcement 

Waste management: Improving the way you keep your community sanitary.  

Seamlessly track idling trends, reduce fuel costs and maximize fleet efficiency.

Reinforce policy and procedures. Ensure your routes are serviced accordingly. Synovia fleet tracking makes it simple. 


The Synovia advantage 

  • One solution for all government vehicles 
  • Esri ArrGIS bi-directional mapping  
  • 20 years of fleet intelligence experience  
  • Affordable with ZERO upfront costs
  • Free, unlimited training real-time or asynchronous 

Smarter Public Safety Fleet Tracking

CalAmp provides critical intelligence to help lower fuel costs, reduce maintenance, and improve asset utilization. Backed by a robust ecosystem of partner solutions and apps, CalAmp can support the needs of every level of government.

Chesapeake Case Study

CalAmp is focused on expanding in the municipal fleet tracking industry so more municipalities and universities can experience the same improved service and increased safety as Chesapeake.

After installing the hardware on 40 city vehicles – 20 snowplows and 20 street sweepers – their fleet manager said the city saw an immediate ability to improve driver performance. They decreased speeding incidents from 12 the first week the equipment was installed to about one event a week now.

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