Case Studies


Pinellas, Florida Case Study

A Florida County demonstrated how fleet tracking software can deliver a more intelligent fleet. Focused on improving driver behaviors like excessive idling, speeding and harsh acceleration.

Result: Saving $150,000 annually and a safer fleet.

That’s how smarter fleet management can improve municipal services and deliver measurable results.

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The difference between success and failure is often measured in minutes when responding to a natural disaster. That’s why Hillsborough County uses our fleet intelligence technology to preposition vehicles ahead of hurricanes.

They also use the technology to cut down on idling, saving enough to invest in essential new vehicle investments. County leaders are leveraging improved mileage counts to alternate vehicles and optimize fleet usage, extending vehicle lifetime value.

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Hillsborough County, Florida Case Study

New York City Case Study

After two unsatisfying experiences with GPS-powered fleet tracking
solutions, Nick Vallone turned to CalAmp to deliver fleet intelligence designed to
save money, improve safety and enhance service.

Thanks to an award-winning school bus tracking mobile app and customized
geofences, Vallone is confident he’s running his business smarter and
delivering some of the finest school bus services in the largest city in the U.S.

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With so many students and a coverage area of approximately 400 square miles, Cobb County turned to CalAmp to serve its GPS-powered Fleet Intelligence needs.

From helping mechanics in the garage remotely diagnose why a bus is broken down on the side of the road and assisting the dispatch team reroute buses around accidents to delivering driver reports focused on improving driver behaviors to managing their payroll system, CalAmp has delivered a robust suite of solutions focused on improving operations and safety.

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Cobb County Case Study

Higley, Arizona Case Study

A Phoenix area school district demonstrates how fleet tracking software can help manage rapid growth of the city and the school bus fleet while delivering smarter services to connect and protect students, parents and education administrators.

Higley, Arizona grew from a handful of buses a decade ago to more than 70 with more than 6,000 eligible riders who use award-winning technology like Here Comes The Bus school bus tracking app and Student Ridership to better serve their community. 

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