Asset Tracking

Location updates every 30 second to keep your assets protected

Asset Tracking for Smarter operations 

Imagine a deadly tornado strikes your community without warning.

Or a major semi-truck accident involving chemicals being transported on the Interstate occurs in the middle of a cold night.

Or you suddenly have to host a presidential candidate holding a rally in your town.

Do you know where all of your generators are?

Can you locate every highway message board?

And what about those 50 portable toilets your municipality invested in four years ago?

While these may seem unlikely…

Scenarios like these play out every day in villages, town, and cities across North America every single day. And as we know from our personal lives, an emergency or once-in-a-lifetime event rarely announces itself on your calendar six weeks out.

As a leader in your community, elected officials, municipal executives, and citizens rely on you to have the assets ready at a moment’s notice.

That’s where GPS-powered tracking devices can play a vital role.

While many municipalities have for years depended on GPS-enabled fleet tracking to help them manage their vehicles, a new trend is emerging in which every asset can be affordably tracked. This powerful technology ensures your department is ready whenever the need arises.

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We’ve all heard the saying “death by a million papercuts”.

What about the loss of your department’s capability by losing a few pieces of essential equipment every year. A generator goes missing during flood recovery. Two lawnmowers disappear from a worksite at lunch break.

And a backhoe and its trailer are spirited away in the middle of the night.

When many municipalities have turned to self-insurance, replacing these items can lead to a significant hole in the budget.

Some of our current customers have saved themselves that situation by installing affordable fleet tracking devices on valuable assets like:

Backhoes: Can cost up to $50,000 to replace

Generators: Absolutely essential following a natural disaster

Lawnmowers: Far too easy for criminals to heist

Powerwashers: Another asset criminals covet

Skidsteers: A $25,000 asset that needs to be protected

Snowblowers: Because they’re absolutely essential to keep the city safe

Tractors: Another $20,000 asset you don’t want to replace out of the budget

And then there are not motorized assets, too.

These also have high value and may be misplaced and simply not accounted for following a job. Many cities and counties have moved away from renting these types of items so they have them on hand on short notice.

A relatively small investment will ensure your department can account for ALL of its equipment, including:

Dumpsters: easy to leave at a job site

Portable classrooms: large cities may have many of these spread across many sites

Portable toilets: Save the canine tracking for police jobs, leave this tracking to technology

Trailers:  Another mobile asset that deserves to be tracked

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Do you know where you’ll be in seven years?

With the internal battery in the non-motorized asset trackers, you can be sure you will at least know where your assets are. And you can even set an alert to notify you if the asset gets to move out of a geographic area with five-minutes updates until it’s returned.

For motorized assets, the GPS-powered tracker sends a location update every 30 seconds when connected to the asset’s battery. It also monitors engine use hours for maintenance or billing purposes.

The equipment-tracking device is weatherproof, and its internal battery recharges whenever the asset is active – so downtime is never an issue. It works for all self-powered assets.


With nearly two decades of experience in the fleet intelligence industry, Synovia knows there are many options for municipal fleet managers interested in smarter management of their vehicles and assets.

We also know that reliable hardware and intuitive software is only as good as the people standing behind it.

Every one of our customers has a dedicated Fleet Advisor who will serve as their primary point of contact for the life of a contract.

Think of them like you do your dentist, physician or skilled tradesman, your Fleet Advisor knows your fleet’s history, your needs and where you want to go in the future. 

So whether it’s helping your fleet develop tailored reporting or answering the call to track a stolen asset, you’ll have peace of mind in your customer support from Synovia.