Comparative Analysis

Summaries of your fleet’s overall activity.

Manage Your Routes More Efficiently

Routing software is a powerful tool that helps transportation managers more effectively deploy their vehicles. But even the best routing software provides merely a plan.

We all know a plan is subject to change. And sometimes your fleet changes more than we care to acknowledge.

Synovia’s Comparative Analysis provides a powerful solution to optimize your routes and serves as the foundation of the Student Ridership and Here Comes The Bus features. 

It also provides a more robust level of historical reporting. 


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A Smarter Fleet

Whether it’s a growing community that is rapidly changing the makeup of a route or other variables like students moving in and out of a district or adding new vehicles to a fleet, routing software is vulnerable to not under-serving your fleet

Comparative Analysis is the extra ingredient smart fleet managers deploy to ensure they’re staying on top of a constantly evolving transportation landscape.

Investing in the Data, Relying on Smarter Reports

GPS-enabled fleet tracking is far more than simply knowing where all of your vehicles are located at any one time.

The real power of fleet tracking comes not from the hardware installed in a vehicle, but from the software that converts that data into actionable information.

And from the expertise of the customer support professionals who can demonstrate how to apply fleet tracking best practices to your fleet.

At a high level, comparative analysis can achieve the following:

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Monitor stop arrival times
  • Compare against planned times

Better Inform Management

  • Manage time performance
  • Keep key personnel informed

Improved Route Management

  • Ensure on-time departures
  • Track route compliance

Stop-by-Stop Analysis

Comparative Analysis allows transportation managers to know when each vehicle should be at each stop. And to see when – or if – they arrived as planned.

Advanced reporting allows fleet managers to compare planned versus actual stops on maps sorted by date or individual run. This reporting will provide the detailed information required to amend routes to save time and money.

The granularity of the reporting, allowing users to drill into a stop-by-stop analysis and see how every driver and vehicle is performing, can provide game-changing insights previously unknown to the fleet manager.

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Dedicated Customer Service

GPS-enabled software has transformed our world and helped public service fleets perform better and save taxpayer resources. What hasn’t changed is the role outstanding customer service plays in ensuring customers receive the best return on their investment.

Our Fleet Advisor system is designed so that every fleet manager with a Synovia contract has a dedicated contact that will stay connected to their fleet from the start of their contract and throughout their time us.

Think of your Synovia Fleet Advisor the same way you do about your personal physician or dentist or your home’s heating and cooling or plumbing contractor. They understand your fleet, your unique challenges and your vision for the future.

Working together, you and your Fleet Advisor will work toward your ideal fleet state. Intuitive software, smarter reporting and customer support excellence. And you can start immediately with no upfront costs.

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Learn how Synovia Solutions can improve your business.

Smarter Substitutions

  • Managing substitutions is an essential feature of the Comparative Analysis module.
  • It enables you to substitute vehicles in the software for vehicles that require maintenance or otherwise cannot perform their usual routes — in other words, to assign a different vehicle to Synovia itineraries, routes, and tiers.
  • This substitution enables you to keep the route data current, even if the vehicle has changed.
  • And to report the replacement’s route information to Here Comes the Bus.