Engine Diagnostics

Monitor critical data and health status in real time.

Check engine lights are only as good as the drivers who respond to them.

It may seem obvious, but a warning light often appears without any sign of issues. When the vehicle is otherwise performing well. Who hasn’t tuned out an oversensitive sensor?

Or a warning light may go on and then off for weeks for no apparent reason, lulling the driver into complacency.

But what if that inconsistent light is a disaster waiting to strike? Worst still, a light bulb may be burnt out and a vehicle could be operating for weeks with a critical fault.

Truth is when it comes to large and dynamic fleets, it’s more difficult to respond to each check engine light and “strange sound” from under the hood than with a personal vehicle.

With Synovia’s GPS-powered fleet intelligence solution, your fleet can have the power of an extra, smarter set of eyes maintaining vigilance on your engines.

Because we all know an ounce of preventive maintenance beats a pound of repairs. That’s how fleet intelligence can save money and optimize your fleet. 


At Synovia, we make preventative maintenance a snap by connecting fleet vehicles and fleet managers in real time and with daily or historical reports.

A fleet manager can tailor their preferences.

Maybe you want to receive an alert when a fault code is detected in a fleet vehicle.

Or to receive a report at the end of the workday showing which fault codes are appearing across the entire fleet.

Or a weekly report showing mileage, fuel consumption, and fault code appearance. Or all three and then some additional reports tied to geofencing and idling. 

Fleet managers can tailor their intelligence to deliver measurable results. 


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Is your fleet running scheduled maintenance based on information fed directly from the vehicle?

Or is it simply using the odometer and a gut feeling?

Our GPS-enabled fleet tracking is far more than just locations and speeding alerts.

It’s the ability to apply smarter data to optimize your fleet’s readiness and efficiency.

Our GPS-powered hardware is easy to install and backed up by the strongest warranty in the industry so it’s always delivering fleet intelligence.

That means real-time alerts and historical reporting of RPMs, faults and even coolant temperatures.

And with our mobile app for fleet managers, Synovia can deliver all of this to the palm of your hand so you can take action immediately.

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The goal at Synovia is to provide fleet tracking intelligence that helps our customers with what we refer to as the three critical S’s: Safety, Service and Safety.

Remote engine diagnostics can support all three.

It will make your fleet safer by reducing the likelihood of breakdowns that could happen when the vehicle is on the interstate or another unsafe place. GPS-powered fleet tracking remote diagnostics will save money by making preventative maintenance easier and easier to avoid costly major repairs.

And our software can help your fleet deliver enhanced service by combining the first two: keeping more vehicles on the road and ensuring they’re operating at peak efficiency when they’re needed most.

Because it’s always better to repair rather than replace.


We at Synovia know that GPS-powered fleet tracking is only as powerful as the people behind the technology.

And that customers are busy running their operations and rely on vendors like Synovia to help them generate the best return on their investment.

That’s why we invested in our industry leading Fleet Advisor system.

Synovia Fleet Advisors are dedicated customer support resources linked to a single account for the life of that account.

Think of them like you would your dentist or doctor or attorney. They know your history, your current situation and where you want to go with your fleet. And when you want to get the most of your engine diagnostics remote monitoring – or any other Synovia feature – they have the knowledge to help you build a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Because we know that smarter fleet tracking starts with smarter human connections.

That’s the Fleet Advisor difference. That’s the Synovia difference.