Fuel Card Reporting

Get deeper insights into your fleet’s fuel spend.

Are You Tracking Your Fuel Budgets Closely?

Volatile fuel prices drive every fleet manager crazy. But imagine having an extra set of eyes on your fuel card usage. Eyes that never falter.

And reports that provide deeper analysis on fuel consumption and fuel card usage.

Easy to understand reports that make taking action simple. That’s what Synovia’s software delivers: Extra vigilance and smarter reporting to help your fleet optimize its fuel spend and fuel card usage.

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More than Location

While many of our customers are initially introduced to our software for its GPS-powered fleet tracking capabilities, they soon learn that fleet tracking is more than simply knowing where your fleet or an individual vehicle is located.

A smarter fleet leverages all of the tools at its disposal and tailors them to their specific requirements to deliver solutions that improve service, enhance safety and save money. We know fuel cards are an essential part of any fleet’s operations.

But the threat of fraud is always on the mind of employees, managers, and financial controllers.

Smarter Fleet Tracking Solutions

Fuel cards are an essential part of any fleet’s operations. But are also rife with potential risk. From employee fraud to theft and even credit card skimmers, fleet managers need to stay vigilant.

Let Synovia Solutions show you how we can optimize your fleet AND your fuel card operations with smarter fleet tracking solutions. That’s the Synovia Difference.


With more than four million customers, WEX cards are among the most popular option to manage fuel card responsibilities.

Synovia integrates seamlessly with WEX cards, or we can build a custom interface to integrate with your fuel card provider. Today popular gas station chains like Speedway and Seven-11 also offer fuel cards while other lesser-known brands can provide a similar experience to WEX cards.

Whatever your need, we can design a solution to fit your needs and ensure your fuel card is tied to the fleet metrics you deem essential.

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    Despite the threat of being caught, figures show that fuel card fraud is on the rise.

    Employees who use the fuel card to fuel their personal vehicle. Or buy non-fuel items like food or drink. Or even credit card skimmers that prompt even well-intentioned employees to have to explain non-work related purchases.

    These are a few examples that highlight the threat from misuse of fuel cards.

    There are many tactics employees, managers and controllers can use to prevent fuel card abuse, including:

    Require PINs and prompts: A simple PIN like an ATM card can go a long way in preventing fraud.

    Scrutinize the pump: If something on the pump looks suspicious, don’t use it. Always try to fill up at fuel stations with surveillance systems.

    Regularly monitor fuel card accounts: Watch for unusual charges either from a geography standpoint or dollar amount.

    Monitor the frequency of fill-ups: If a driver stops multiple times in one day in one state, there’s a good chance something outside the normal scope of business is occurring. A fraud prevention strategy should control the amount of money that can be spent per day on fuel.

    Beware of credit card skimmers: Credit card skimming has become an increasingly common form of fraud, especially at the fuel station. A skimming device is designed to look like a credit card scanner. When a credit card is swiped, the skimming device electronically captures cardholder data.

    Educate drivers on the consequences of fuel card misuse and fraud: Stress that committing misuse and fraud is illegal and can be justification for termination.

    While these tactics are essential to combating fuel card fraud, they all require vigilant human oversight.

    And we know how busy our offices can be and how details like this may get overlooked.

    Our software can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs so every purchase is tracked, tied to mileage and possibly fraudulent purchases are flagged early.

    When irregular fuel card use occurs, you’ll be able to act fast to fix it. Get an instant alert when:
    • A vehicle isn’t near the fueling station when a purchase is made
    • Purchases exceed the vehicle’s fuel capacity
    • A fuel card is used too often within a designated time frame

    Interested in Learning More?

    Learn how Synovia Solutions can improve your business.

    Fuel Card Support Gets Personal

    Synovia’s commitment to ensuring your fuel card system is optimized to both save your fleet money and prevent fraud goes further than simply providing best-in-class software.

    We also stand behind our customers with our nationwide network of Fleet Advisors and customer service specialists who can leverage their broad knowledge of fleet operations to support your needs.

    Our Fleet Advisors serve as dedicated resources to each customer. That means never having to call an 800 number and hoping you find a patient customer service representative who can help with your specific issue.

    You are assigned a dedicated Synovia resource as soon as you onboard and that person will work with your fleet throughout your contract.

    Think of it as your fleet tracking concierge.

    It’s just one more way Synovia is committed to your fleet’s success. Start optimizing your fuel card with smarter GPS-powered fleet tracking today with no upfront costs and no risk.