Here Comes the Bus®

Don’t ask where the bus is. Know.

Right Bus. Right Stop. Right Time. 

Here Comes the Bus, the award-winning, industry-leading, and parent-approved mobile app highlights the tremendous power mobile technology portends to solve longstanding, real-world problems in a fresh yet familiar way.

Dubbed “ridesharing technology for school bus” by the media, the app marries powerful GPS data from location management units with customer-focused software to deliver a sleek user interface that solves a universal problem: the arrival time of the school bus.

The app

The result: a transformative school bus ridership experience in which parents, students, and educators never have to ask, “Where is the bus” but instead turn to the app and say “Here Comes the Bus”. Has grown from a handful of school districts in 2015 to more than a million registered users today, including schools in Atlanta, San Antonio, Charlotte, Orlando, Indianapolis, and the metro Washington, D.C. area.

Saves parents time and helps de-stress the chaotic morning refrain of shuffling students to the bus on time. The mobile app captured an Innovation Award from IHS Markit at CES 2019 and was nominated for a Mira Award as one of the best tech innovations from Indiana in 2019.

Meanwhile, the backend of the fleet management software provides educators the ability to save money, improve safety and enhance service by delivering real-time and historical data that helps fleet managers reduce fuel consumption and support drivers with independent, data-driven reporting. Here Comes The Bus, powered by GPS technology, delivers a robust user experience that keeps families connected and protected and helps school districts save taxpayer resources and demonstrates how mobile technologies solutions can be applied to deliver truly revolutionary customer experience.

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Without real-time data, tracking methods are challenging for school bus fleet managers. To address their needs, Synovia Solutions developed enterprise-grade, GPS-driven fleet management applications to help school districts track bus location and leverage telematics data insights to increase savings, enhance driver safety and ensure peace of mind for students, parents, and administrators.

Synovia’s school bus application leverages data delivered over wireless broadband and uses highly accurate GPS to provide a real-time location, geofencing to deliver departure and arrival alert notifications, and engine diagnostics to enable vehicle health visibility remotely.


The devices connect directly to the vehicle’s engine control module (ECU) to supply continuous vehicle health metrics and maintenance alerts that help reduce maintenance costs and further increase safety by enabling predictive maintenance to reduce the chance of inopportune breakdowns.

Synovia’s application currently serves approximately 1,100 school districts throughout North America. Reliable and accurate location and vehicle event information from location management units enable optimized school bus operations by reducing fuel waste and excessive idling and decreasing unnecessary miles driven.

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Improving Service, safety and savings

Synovia aims to continue promoting safer routes to school for children across North America. An estimated 125,000 vehicles use the Synovia application. More than a million registered users enjoy the school bus application to receive notifications when a bus enters or leaves specific locations, alerting parents so they know when the bus arrives at pick-up and drop-off students.

Along with student and vehicle safety, the solution promotes training and safety measures for school bus drivers. For example, managers can coach and guide a driver on how to proceed while on-route using data transmitted from the GPS tracking device.

With Synovia’s school bus application powered by GPS real-time tracking info, school districts deliver enhanced safety, increased savings and improved service to their communities. This translates to peace of mind for parents and administrators while improving savings on vehicle maintenance and, ultimately, on the schools’ bottom line.


Synovia recognizes software is only as powerful as the people who stand behind it. That’s why we’ve organized our business to ensure every fleet has a dedicated resource to ensure they’re getting the very highest return on their investment.

Think of a Synovia Fleet Advisor the same way you would your personal dentist or physician. Or the way you work with your home’s heating and cooling or plumbing contractor. They understand your history, your fleet’s unique challenges, and your long-term vision. Working together, your Fleet Advisor can help your fleet get the very most out of your investment.