Pre & Post Trip Inspection

Complete mission essential inspections faster and more accurately.

Help Your Drivers Accurately Complete Their Pre & Post-trip Inspection

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It may be well known that fleet professionals are well served by addressing vehicle issuing while they are minor or emerging, yet it can be difficult when managing a large, diverse fleet to be aware of every piece of required maintenance.

That’s where the value of the pre- and post-trip inspection can play a major role.


In many states and even on the federal level, pre and post-trip inspections are mandated by law and failing to conduct them can lead to financial penalties and drivers being sidelined.

But even a diligent fleet manager with a dedicated pre and post-trip inspection program can be struck by disaster if they’re depending on an antiquated pen and paper system.

Slow, clunky and more prone to human error, pen and paper may meet the bare minimum guidelines under the law but it’s hardly a best practice. 

And it doesn’t take advantage of the tremendous power of technology to streamline the process and improve reporting accuracy.

At Synovia, we recognize that GPS-powered fleet tracking is more than simply knowing where your vehicle is located at any given time.

It’s powerful reporting that helps fleet managers remain vigilant about driver behavior and it’s value-added features like fuel card management, improved payroll management and enhanced pre- and post-trip inspection.

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Synovia’s Pre & Post Trip Inspection solution includes the following:

  • Inspection form creation tool for multiple vehicle types
  • Driver can to enter pre- and post- trip inspection results
  • Review of previous inspections
  • Completed inspection forms can be viewed or printed


Using Synovia’s solution provides benefits such as:

  • Ability to complete inspections quickly
  • Reduce inspection errors
  • Intuitive inspection reporting
  • Smarter fleet management 

Case studies

Our case studies highlight our success stories and demonstrate the ways our fleet tracking solutions will make your fleet smarter.


A pre-trip inspection prevents employees from departing with an existing problem.

A solid post-trip inspection provides the maintenance department time to correct issues before the vehicle goes back out for duty. For vehicles subject to state and federal laws around pre- and post-trip inspection, instituting a rigorous electronic system can help avoid fines and downtime.

A few additional questions to consider around trip inspections include:

  • How does the maintenance department access the pre- and post-trip inspection reports?
  • How do they close the loop with drivers and fleet managers about repairs?
  • Do you have a dedicated parking area in the shop for defective equipment?
  • When a vehicle is repaired, how are others alerted?

As you dig deeper into the best practices of fleet management, it’s clear the pre- and post-trip inspections are a small part in a much larger picture of vehicle maintenance and safety.

A GPS-powered fleet tracking solution from Synovia can provide fleet managers the tools to enhance reporting and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet.

It’s part of our commitment to every fleet manager: improve safety, save money and enhance service.


To take full advantage of the inspection reporting, fleet managers need to institute a three-step plan.

  1. Ensure the inspections are conducted every time a fleet vehicle leaves the lot. Don’t assume drivers know how to conduct a report. Training and retraining are essential to keep the driver.focused on proper inspection methods.
  2. Streamline the process by with electronic inputting of data. Migrating to an electronic system will improve accuracy and will create a stronger recording mechanism for managers.
  3. Verify the data regularly by someone other than the driver.


In best cases, the driver and maintenance department will work together to ensure the reporting is producing the desired actions.

A strong communications plan around the pre- and post-trip inspection reporting is essential to ensure issues are addressed in a timely fashion.

Like so many facets of intelligent fleet management, a disciplined process can keep the fleet team focused and produce smoother fleet operations.

Synovia’s intuitive reporting software makes it easy for drivers, maintainers and fleet managers to conduct, follow up on and produce detailed reports on the fleet’s vehicle inspection program.

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GPS-powered fleet tracking has revolutionized the way fleet managers interact with their vehicles and their people.

Our customers save money on fuel, intelligently police driver behavior and help protect their community from lawsuits and theft.

It’s also created powerful ancillary opportunities to improve overall fleet management programs like fuel card systems and trip reporting.

All of this is dependent on a fleet manager focused on leveraging the software’s full capability.

That’s why Synovia has instituted its Fleet Advisor program, which ensures every customer has a dedicated customer service professional keeping an extra eye on their fleet.

Think of a Synovia Fleet Advisor the same way you do your dentist, physician or home contractor. They know your personal history, your unique situation and your vision for the future.

Working together, a fleet manager or transportation director can extract the greatest value from Synovia’s software and significantly improve their fleet’s key performance indicators.