Student Ridership

Right Bus. Right Stop. Right Time.

Know where and when your students board and exit the bus

Imagine a 6-year-old hitchhiking home after getting off at the bus at the wrong stop. Or three siblings lost and confused after accidentally departing in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Or a parent having to follow tiny footprints in the snow to find their elementary school student shivering and lost after a similar bus stop mishap. If you’re a transportation director for a school district, you probably don’t have to let your imagination wander too far.

These are real stories that occurred in the past 12 months at three different schools in North America.

Especially at the start of the school year, when younger students are unfamiliar with their surroundings and drivers aren’t trained to know where students get on and off, the risks of a student getting off at the wrong stop are ever present.

School buses transport millions of students safely every day but it only takes a few unfortunate incidents for the public to take note.

With nearly 20 years serving the school bus industry, Synovia understands the unique responsibility and pressures felt by school transportation directors. That’s why we’ve developed our Student Ridership tool to help further connect and protect students, parents, and educators.

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Student Ridership reports deliver precise knowledge of student loads so fleet managers can plan smarter and save real money.

The information gleaned for student ridership reporting together with Synovia’s Comparative Analysis will help transportation managers flex their route for greater efficiency. When transportation managers leverage the full suite of services, the savings can compound and they can take back valuable time previously allocated toward administrative tasks.

The detailed reporting will also help school administrators manage federal government reporting related to student transportation.
  • High-level summaries for a single day or time period
  • Detailed daily reports on total routes, single runs, or individual stops
  • Submit accurate ridership data for Medicaid reimbursement


Student Ridership is the extra layer of technology providing a stronger link between the school bus, riders, parents, and educators. When combined with the award-winning mobile app, Here Comes The Bus, the Student Ridership demonstrates the versatility of GPS-powered fleet tracking tools to deliver a seamless education transportation experience.

The Student Ridership product allows students to check in and off the bus with a variety of ID tools that send an email and push notification alerts to parents. If you ever find yourself asking the following questions, the Student Ridership feature may interest you:

  • Did all your students get picked up this morning?
  • Were they dropped off at their assigned stop?
  • Which students are on Bus 32 right now?

The power of real-time information matched with historical reporting provides transportation leaders with the tools necessary to strengthen the ties between student, parents, and educators. And to respond with real-time information when students experience unintended bus incidents.

A Solution for Every Community

The tablet can also deliver driver Time & Attendance management, Turn-by-Turn navigation as well as the Pre & Post Trip Inspection feature.

For fleet managers looking to add intelligence and automation to their fleet, the tablet provides a flexible and versatile solution that can streamline payroll, improve driver performance and deliver more powerful real-time information on student safety.

Synovia offers multiple options to help manage student ridership, including:
  • Barcode scanner: Leverage existing ID cards
  • Here Comes the Bus App: Apply Mobile Device
  • RFID scanner: Via bus entryway installation
  • Tablet with driver tracking: Designed for small loads and special needs students.

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Student Ridership and the complete portfolio of services is available as an all-inclusive, turnkey service that provides fleet managers with the technology required to apply intelligence and automation to your fleet. Hardware, software, installation, training, and more are all included with no up-front cost, so it’s easy to start right away.

Not all GPS-powered fleet tracking solutions are equal. While tracking has become a more widespread technology, the software that provides the user experience and added features like Student Ridership can convert a conventional tracking solution into a transformative experience.

Smart routing, more detailed reporting and the flexibility to start without any upfront payment.

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The Fleet Advisor Difference

A tablet that manages payroll, checks in students like an airliner and helps substitute drivers quickly manage a route. Software that keeps managers informed and delivers reporting to drive improved behaviors. And a warranty as strong as any in the industry.

Synovia has created a powerful bundle designed to make it easy for fleet managers to pay as you go AND save as you pay. And it’s all backed up by our ironclad commitment to deliver outstanding customer service with our Fleet Advisor system.

Every fleet served by Synovia has its own dedicated Fleet Advisor who remains with the fleet for the life of their contract. Synovia has many customers with more relationships longer than 10 years: proof positive that our commitment to personalized customer service is ensuring even the longest-term customers feel connected to our team and find increasing value in the fleet management solution.