Time & Attendance

Say goodbye to those outdated paper time sheets & manual entries

FLEET intelligence Demands more than location tracking

Our comprehensive suite of solutions can deliver powerful tools to help you better manage your fleet and your employees.

From fuel card management to improved maintenance operations, GPS-enabled fleet intelligence from Synovia will deliver smarter fleet operations.


Comparing planned schedules to actual work time is a snap.

Fleet managers can track schedules digitally, including employee absences and holidays.

Build custom reports on categories like absences, drivers approaching overtime, a summary of hours, and incomplete shifts.

If two drivers are up for the same route and one has more capacity, you’ll know and be able to assign the route to the one who won’t be working overtime.

The Time & Attendance tool delivers flexibility and reliability for fleets of all sizes. 


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One of the most popular solutions in recent years has been our Time & Attendance platform that seamlessly integrates into your payroll system.

This provides two significant benefits:

  1. Employees clock in and out where they work, reducing paying for time spent away for the vehicle.

    On average, this saves 15 minutes per driver, per vehicle, per day. It’s easy to see how those savings add up quickly.

  1. The reduction of paperwork associated with antiquated forms of payroll management.


Fleet managers can instantly review timesheet exceptions, compare planned versus actual schedules, pay accurate wages and save serious money in the process. Say goodbye to those outdated paper timesheets or manual entry.

Together, these two benefits deliver a powerful way to save money and streamline administrative tasks.


Our All-in-One tablet blends the convenience of the operator panel to manage time and attendance with GPS-powered mapping solution in one device. It can track driver ID, route ID, and job type.

This allows fleet managers to know who’s driving, where they’re going, and whether a job is a planned delivery route or a one-off pickup.

Employees who use the same vehicle each day log in separately, so you can track vehicle and driver time individually and accurately.

Our time-tracking solutions are also not just for drivers. All of your staff can track their hours through web-based time cards, even if they never get behind the wheel. 

All payroll activities are available in one system that merges with our open API with your existing payroll system.

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From our core GPS-enabled fleet tracking capability to our most advanced features like fuel card management and payroll support, Synovia Solutions provides a dedicated customer support representative for each customer to ensure they’re getting the best return on their GPS tracking investment.

Think of it like your dentist, your doctor, your attorney or your plumber. YOUR Synovia Fleet Advisor understands your history since the day you installed your first GPS tracker, what makes your fleet unique and what you hope to achieve as a fleet manager.

Your Fleet Advisor will work with you to ensure your time & attendance platform is integrating with your payroll system and capturing all of the data that can help your fleet save money.