Video Surveillance

See, and capture, what was invisible before.

History of Safety and Surveillance Successes

Safety Vision brings over 20 years of experience to Synovia. Their surveillance systems have been used by countless school systems, and the expertise gained protecting children can easily be applied to similar situations where video surveillance is key to public safety and detailed documentation is essential. For drivers and fleet managers in waste management, construction, public works and more, Synovia and Safety Vision’s combined expertise offers a way to boost safety and get immediate results.

Partnering with Safety Vision

By creating a partnership with Safety Vision, Synovia is now able to offer a fully integrated video surveillance option that’s easy to use and install. With Safety Vision’s Observer Series, the video will be automatically displayed on the Synovia tablet when the vehicle is placed in reverse, helping drivers to avoid collisions and protect pedestrians.

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In a perfect world, each and every time a truck or school bus is placed in reverse a second person would be on the scene to help out. But in reality, most times it’s just the driver having to rely on what little they can see. That’s why a surveillance camera is key – our system provides added visibility, and that means added safety.

Seamless Integration

With Synovia’s video surveillance there is also no need to purchase a separate display. It works seamlessly with the Synovia tablet. And with our system, the images the driver sees are the same images that are captured and stored digitally, so there is never any discrepancy in case of an incident.

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