Real-time Alerts for Parents &
Improved Medicaid Reimbursements 

Student Ridership is trusted by more than 200 school districts across North America to improve route performance, student safety and Medicaid reporting reimbursements for special needs student transportation.

We’ve enhanced the tool to create instant Contact Tracing reports to help customers more intelligently manage the COVID-19 transportation challenge.

This webinar includes guidance from a host of trusted industry experts, including a fleet manager from one of the largest school bus fleets in Virginia.


Use the date, time and location of a child’s last entry onto or exit from the bus to identify who an individual child has come in contact with. This essential tool is being adopted by school districts nationwide to combat the spread of COVID-19. 


Powerful ridership reporting helps improve routing, ridership balancing, and federal reporting – including Medicaid. Most states allow reimbursement to cover the costs of both consulting and technology to recover greater reimbursement. 

A powerful tablet 

Student Ridership represents the power of technology to deliver a flexible and intuitive solution with benefits for parents, drivers and administrators. It provides an extra layer of SAFETY by preventing students from departing at the wrong stop.

Parents feel a greater connection to their students with real-time alerts as they board and depart the bus while drivers have an extra layer of protection preventing young students from getting off at the wrong stop.

And fleet managers have powerful reporting essential to Medicaid reimbursements for special needs students


When and where students are boarding and departing the bus every day.

What data is required to find future school bus savings: understand bus utilization

Discrepancies between transportation planning and student reality instantly.


Don’t pour through every route. We find routes that demand attention.


Special needs transportation requires extra attention to be sure students are getting the services they need. Detailed reporting also helps simplify Medicaid reimbursement.


Student Ridership leverages your planned data to deliver busing intelligence. Know the most important daily facts: students who miss stops, get off at the wrong stops or board the wrong bus. Use real data for improved planning decisions about the required size of the bus, opportunities for stop consolidation, and identify ridership trends.


Award-winning. Industry-leading. Parent-Approved. The mobile app that forged an industry and is trusted by more schools and families than any other school bus tracking solution, Here Comes The Bus delivers a powerful, intuitive connection between students and their daily bus experience. Real-time tracking and alerts that connect and protect.

Lake Central School Corporation

“I can’t imagine life without it now. Once a school district implements this system, they won’t ever want to be without it ”

– Pat Hubbard
Director of Transportation


When transportation budgets face uncertainty, education administrators require subject matter expertise in processes and technology to conduct Medicaid reimbursements more confidently.

Districts have to balance student safety, fiscal responsibility, and a commitment to process excellence.


Many school districts remain unaware of the widespread availability of Medicaid School Bus Services (SBS) program, which can include the reimbursement of transporting eligible special needs students to cover the cost of services.

Or they’re worried the investment to meet the rigorous eligibility will be too cumbersome or not worth the return from Medicaid.

But each Medicaid-eligible student with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) may include $500 to $1,000 in annual reimbursements. Schools find the improvement in reporting with Synovia technology helps decrease their personnel costs and increases their reimbursements.

With the right technology and expertise, some schools receive hundreds of thousands per year in reimbursement.

Powerful fleet intelligence technology captures the ridership metrics, translating to exporting Medicaid data faster, easier, and more accurate.

The simple and intuitive technology captures and records the time, date and location of each student’s entry and exit from the vehicles. Transportation managers and special education officials can pull real-time and historical data that include child search and checks.

This process can decrease reporting times from weeks to minutes and include far less investment of labor.

Leveraging this technology instead of using a paper-based process to capture the required ridership information reduces the following problems:

  • Time-consuming and prone to human error
  • Difficult to accurately capture the data needed
  • Challenging to verify during rigorous auditing

Simply checking the boxes sometimes doesn’t prove that a student rode the bus.

Students carry passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards, including those who qualify for Medicaid.

  • The student scans their RFID card to the device onboard the bus.
  • That data is captured electronically and stored securely in the Synovia cloud

Technology can do the difficult, tedious work of accurately capturing every special needs ride.

Add to this it’s power to deliver contact tracing capabilities to combat the spread of COVID-19, and schools receive a powerful technology combination that increases funding and student safety.

Synovia conducted a webinar with a Pennsylvania school bus transportation provider who leverages the Student Ridership solution to improve its customer’s safety and its fleet’s efficiency.

Parents appreciate the real-time alerts that show when a student boarded and departed the bus while transportation officials rely on the real-time data to better manage daily operations.

Synovia makes it easy with a simple tablet and ID card scanner installed in the bus and intuitive software with free unlimited training and support.

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